Procedure for enrollment of Ordinary Member:

1) The application can be considered only of those Builders & Developers who had completed at least one project consisting of minimum 12 units, having sound track record and seems to fall in line to observe the code of conduct of the Association. However if some one is from city other than Ahmednagar, his application for membership can be considered only if he is member of CREDAI of any other City.
2) The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:
• Completion certificate of the project.
• Commencement certificates of the on going projects
• Copy of documents related to registration of the firm and constitution of the firm/company.
• Copy of PAN card of firm and the Partners/Directors.
• In respect of firms out of Ahmednagar city needs to furnish copy of valid membership certificate of CREDAI.
• Any Proprietary concern/firm/company or body corporate applying for the Membership should submit letter/resolution indicating the name of the authorized person.
• Cheque for entrance fee and the Annual Subscription at the prevailing rates.
3) New application received for enrollment of membership shall be scrutinized by the Secretariat / Chairman of the Membership Development Committee. After the scrutiny the details will be circulated as a part of the Agenda to all the Managing Committee Members.
4) The Managing Committee has absolute and uncontrolled discretion either to accept or to reject the said application. The Committee shall not be bound to give any reason for such rejection. If the application is rejected, the Jt. Hon. Secretary will intimate the rejection thereof to the applicant and refund the sum paid by him.
5) If the application is accepted by the Managing Committee then the Jt. Hon. Secretary /Secretariat shall notify the acceptance there of to the applicant in writing and accordingly he will be enrolled in the Membership register. The Secretariat shall also furnish to the applicant with a copy of the Code of Conduct, Sticker of CREDAI-Ahmednagar Metro logo. The use of CREDAI-Ahmednagar Metro logo is compulsory in all the publicity and advertising material of the Member. Issue welcome letter, guidelines for participation in CREDAI- Ahmednagar, all circulars and bulletin copies for the year. It is obligatory on the part of all the members to follow all the Rule & Regulations, Code of Conduct, Code of Practices, strictly in the interest of the Business of the Association.
6) In case of the following the members should inform the Managing Committee whereby the records of the records of the Association will be changed accordingly in the following circumstances
• If there is the change in the name of the member firm, wherein constitution of the firm as well as the registration no. remains the same
• There is a change in the constitution of the member firm, wherein the name as well as the Registration no. (of Registrar of Firms) remains the same.
• There is a change in the constitution i.e. Partnership to Pvt. Ltd. Co. / Public Ltd. Co. or Proprietary & vice-verse then each of this case, if the original firm is dissolved, and in that place if the new organization as mentioned has came in existence.
In the above circumstances, it will not be treated as new membership but the same old membership will continue with the necessary modifications in the records of the Association.

Code of Conduct


The fundamentals aim of the Code of Conduct for the CREDAI AHMEDNAGAR, is to maintain the honor and dignity of Promoters and Builders in general, to secure a spirit of friendly co-operation between the Promoters and Builders and their customers in the promotion of highest standard of Promotion, Development and Construction activities and to establish honorable and fair dealing of the Promoters and Builders with their customers, and to establish a spirit of brotherhood in the Association of Promoters and Builders discharge their responsibilities to the community in general.
For the afforested objects the members of the CREDAI AHMEDNAGAR desire to adopt the following norms of conduct, both in letter and spirit. However, specific mention of the following norms of conduct/rules shall not be construed as conferring upon the members and or the customers and or the flat purchases any legal right enabling them to enforce the same in Court of Law or otherwise.
If any member is found to violate the code suitable action can be taken against him by the Association even to the extent of his membership being if endorsed by the Managing Committee would lead to the termination of membership of them member.
Any such action taken by the Managing Committee shall be put into effect 30 days after communicating the decision to the member in writing by Registered Post at his address as per records of the Association. The member can appeal the decision of the Managing Committee to the General Body whose decision shall be final and binding. This appeal must be lodged within 30 days of the date communicated shall be final and binding.
1. TITLE : The property under development should have a marketable title and the Developer shall enclose a copy of the “Title Certificate” from a Solicitor/Advocate showing his rights, along with the Agreement for sale.
2. INSPECTION OF SANCTIONS : All sanctions form the sanctioning authorities like approved plans and commencement certificates, N.A. permission, exemption order under U.L.C Act (if required) etc., should be available for perusal of the purchaser.
3. BOOKING OF PREMISES : The developer should commence booking/sale of flats/premises only after obtaining sanction of plans and commencement certificate from the concerned Municipal Authority/Planning Body and sanction/clearance under the Urban Land (Ceiling & Regulation) Act, 1976, if required, N.A. order, except in cases where finance is to be raised by mutual agreement.
4. AGREEMENT OF SALE : The Developer should enter into a proper agreement as per the relevant Acts immediately on receipt of Earnest money from the purchasers of flats/premises.
5. Payments : Payments receivable under the Agreement for sale should be scheduled according to the progress of the work and as per the provisions of the relevant Acts or as may be mutually agreed between the Purchaser and Developer.
6. ESCALATION : The developer should not enhance the price of the flats/premises once the agreement for sale is executed – or any account whatsoever; except for additional Government levies/taxes/court orders or in order in terms of the relevant Acts or under force major conditions. However, if there is a specific understanding between the Developer and Purchaser, escalation can be charged on mutually agreed formulae.
7. CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDING : The Developer should construct the building only as per the rules and regulations of the Authority and should not construct any unauthorized structures. He/it should not indulge in any legal business activity.
8. QUALITY OF CONSTRUCTION : The developer must ensure good quality materials and proper workmanship Specifications as per agreements should be adhered to and statutory specifications of the Local Planning Authority should be complied with. Proper technical supervision on site should be ensured through qualified and experienced technical personnel in usual qualified structural engineers and architects.
9. CARPET AREA : The carpet area of the flats/premises should be and unambiguously defined in the agreement.
10. DESCRIPTION OF AMENITIES: All amenities and common facilities should be clearly mentioned in the agreement for sale and same should be complies with.
11. INFRASTRUCTRAL REQUIREMENTS: All conditions with regard to infrastructural as set out in the approval of the layout plan by Municipal Authority ort Planning Authority should be fully complies with by the Developer. The building and its premises should be left in a clean and habitable conditions.
12. TREE PLANTATION : Maximum tree plantation should be done near sites on the basis of at least one tree per 100 sq. meters, except where it is not possible in congested areas.
13. LABOUR WELFARE: Members are encouraged at large sites (more than 4,000 sq. meters. ) to have creches and educational facilities for the children of the labour, be provided along with other possible labour welfare activities , such as periodical medical check-ups, insurance, etc. 14. REFUND OF MONEY: In case the completion of the building is delayed beyond the period stipulated under the agreement for sale with the flat purchaser, the Developer should return all the moneys received by him from the flat purchaser, along with interest as specified in the agreement under the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act or any other related act in force, if so demanded by the purchaser.
15. POSSESSION : The Developer should timely completion, physical possession, as committed to buyer. It shall be builder’s responsibility to obtain completion/occupation certificate
16. DEFECT LIABLITY PERIOD : During the Defect Liability Period, the Developer should attend to bonafide complaint’s expeditiously.
17. SOCIETY ACCOUNT/OTHER DEPOSITS SUCH AS STAMP DUTIES : The Developer shall maintain separate account in respect of sums received by him from the flat purchaser as Advance or Deposit, sums received on Account of the capital for promotion of a Co-operation Housing Society/Apartment Association or a Company or towards the outgoings, legal charges, etc. and shall utilize the said amounts should be given to the Society/Association/Company not later than 3 months from handing over the charge of the building to such Society/Association/Company, and/or within a period of 3 months from the date of final conveyance, whichever is later.
18. FORMATION OF A SOCIETY OR A BODY CORPORATE : The Developer should take steps for registration of co-operation Housing Society or any other body corporate as may be necessary.
19. TRANSFER CHARGES : The developer should not charge more than 2% of the purchase price for transferring the rights of the Flat Purchaser under an agreement for sale. Any such Consent by the Developer to the flat purchaser for transferring his rights under agreement of sale should not be unreasonably withheld, provided the flat purchaser pays, and/or is ready and willing to pay full amount of consideration under the agreement for sale together with transfer fess as afforested and other dues payable.
20. TRANSFER OF TITLE : The developer should not inordinately delay the execution of the Conveyance or any other similar instrument in favor of the common organization of the flat holder, after the development and sale of entire scheme and after all amounts payable by the purchasers are paid to the developer.
21. HANDING OVER OF ORIGINAL CERTIFIED COPIES OF TITLE DEEDS, SERVICE DRAWINGS, ETC.: The developer should at time of transfer hand over to the Society/Apartment/Company all original title deeds and related documents as well as plans of the buildings including all external service drawings and structural drawings.
22. In case there be any dispute of any member of the Association with any person or flat holder or Government or Semi Government Body or Authority or Local Authority, and if the Association is asked to intervene, the Managing Committee of the Association will consider such request and decide in its absolute discretion whether to intervene or not depending upon the merits of the case and whether possible the Association will make efforts to resolve the said dispute by amicable settlement or otherwise on merits of the case. However, any such mediation, even if it be with the consent /concurrence of the disputing parties, shall not be construed as Arbitration under the Indian Arbitration Act.
23. MEMBER BOUND BY MANAGING COMMITTEE/GENERAL BODY DECISION : Any decision resolution pertaining to the Code of Conduct, that is taken or passed in the General Body Meeting or Managing Committee Meeting, is binding on the member of ahe Association, even if he has not attended the meeting provided that the item was in the agenda that was circulated.

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