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Sanjay Gugale


      Please accept my sincere thanks for unanimously electing me as a President of our prestigious Association for the term 2017-2019. It is a great pleasure and privilege to work for the Association and for fellow beings with your support, co-operation and best wishes. I take this opportunity to assure you that I will endeavour to address your issues with support from our able team, which is a blend of experience and youth. I have been associated with CREDAI-Ahmednagar since 2013.
      Joined as a member of Managing Committee and worked in different capacities as a Treasure and Secretary under the illustrious Past Presidents who laid the foundation and brought the number of members of the Association to all time high of 75 members. It has been my experience that though we are all in the same field but we are not competitors but complimenting each other by sharing our knowledge, experiences and resolving various issues as member of one family.
      Friends, I have some dreams to be achieved with your support to enhance the image of our community and brand of the Association which I am sharing with you for your input, suggestions and support separately. I shall be focusing more on :
• Ease of Doing Business
• Image Building
• Construction Cost and Technology up-gradation through Research wing
• Establishment of RERA cell to assist the members
• Strengthening the reference library
• Promote more activities in the form of seminar/ training sessions/ study tour to update members in new technology, construction material/ cost effective methods etc.
• Market data analysis / research presentation periodically

Credai Ahmednagar

• Advisory Services in various areas related to business through Sub-Committees.
• Participation in the activities including workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations of the sub-committees/experts from various fields etc.
• Interaction with other members through General Body Meetings.
• Business Promotion Activities.
• Liasioning and making representation to Local/State and Central Government on policy matters. Take legal recourse.

Credai Ahmednagar

      The CREDAI-Ahmednagar, was formed in the Year 2013. Since formation, the Association is working for Promoting the Builder’s Activity in the region and is striving to solve the problems & remove hurdles in the path of working of the Builders. The Association represents the Builders in the region at National Level through its affiliation to State Level Body CREDAI –Maharashtra & National level Body CREDAI National.
‘CREDAI’, the Confederation of Real Estate Developers in India.
     The Association keeps Co-ordination with the various Departments concerned with the Builders & Land Developers Activity such as Town Planning & Valuation, Ahmednagar Munciple Corporation , NIT, Revenue, Nazul, City Survey, MSEDCL ,VARIOUS TAXES DEPARTMENT, etc. and keeps track of the latest information about the new policies connected with the Business. The Association foresees the difficulties that may arise in future and always tries to find the solution to the problems.

Credai Ahmednagar

Ashish Pokharna

Immediate Past President - CREDAI, Ahmednagar

      There is no bigger honor than serving your city & there is no greater joy than working for the profession you love. The last two years for me have been full of contentment, coz I have had a chance to do them both together.
Being appointed as the President of CREDAI Ahmednagar was challenging at the onset but the tenure turned out to be a delight. The experience was unique as the Construction Industry was undergoing a reformation. Our main objective for the past couple of years was creating awareness about the role of CREDAI as an Organization in Ahmednagar and establishing its stronghold in the region. This had to be done amidst the various operational changes in the construction industry and the evolving law scenario under the governance Mr. Narendra Modi. To fulfill these objectives, we undertook several initiatives like Knowledge Tours, Seminar’s, Group discussions and also a very Successful membership drive which saw the number of members increase from 25 to 75 over the past two years.
      Working closely with all the CREDAI bodies across India you get to understand business values, knowledge, ethics, emerging techniques from the Stalwarts of the Industry and we tried to impart as much as possible to the Members of CREDAI, Ahmednagar. I move forward in my journey and will now serve as the Convenor of Study Tour Committee of CREDAI (Maharashtra) & National Coordinator for CREDAI YOUTH (West Zone).
      My role at CREDAI has gotten more demanding but I strongly believe in one thing ‘ There is no substitute to hard work’ and I am sure I will live up to the expectations. I thank the CREDAI Ahmednagar committee for the enormous support during my tenure; without them this journey would have been incomplete and I wish them all the best for the future and hope they take CREDAI Ahmednagar to immense highs.

Credai Ahmednagar

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Credai Ahmednagar Initiatives

Credai Ahmednagar Women's Wing

The mission of the Women’s Wing will be to bring together women developers and provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, training and networking support. This forum will work towards training and study tours geared towards women centric aspects of business that will benefit them.

Credai Ahmednagar Youth Wing

CREDAI Youth Wing is formed keeping in view the need to bring together the next generation of real estate builders and developers so that they can be groomed and nurtured to become better professionals, ethical businessmen and true leaders in Real Estate. CREDAI looks towards its young members to strengthen the next wave of developers in our Association from the grass-root levels.

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